united states of columbine

Vanesa, 21, Law Student, Bucharest, Romania. I have an interest in Columbine case, historical events and true crime and this is all I post about here. The blog has a large vision. +18.

Anonymous: How do you talk in front of a whole class without stressing out? I have to present a project in front of 50 people and I am afraid of losing my cold blood they might judge me

It depends on many aspects. Who are the 50 people? If they are my collegues, I do not think about it, their opinions are definitely not vital, I care what the teacher believes! It is weird, i study law and we were told to do a PP about genetics to present for the teachers body! So this is a challenge! I am more anxious if I talk in the front of teachers because “they are in the position to”, feel me? Just focus on the presentation and talk loud enough, try to catch their attention and catch their interest!

Let’s all imagine how this world would be if politicians respected these 3 rules: do not lie, do not steal, do not kill.